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We offer a free full version of Highland 2 for students enrolled in university writing programs, including film schools.

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I write exclusively in Highland. Five screenplays, three books, countless articles and blog posts. Highland is designed for the way writers actually work because I actually work in it for hours every day.

Highland 2 Student Edition

Over the past few months, we’ve signed up programs at Ivy League universities, big state schools and tiny London colleges.

The student edition allows students to access all of the premium features of Highland 2 during the course of their studies. After that, students will be able to access the program by upgrading or through Highland 2 Basic, which includes most of the same features but watermarks documents when printing.

If you’re an instructor who wants your students to have access to Highland 2, send us an email to If you’re a student in a university writing program who wants to use Highland 2, send your instructor a link to this page.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The writing professor or instructor emails us at
  2. We send back instructions for signing up their students. Important: We can only sign up students with their official school email addresses (such as .edu).
  3. Once they’re in our system, we send each student an email confirmation.
  4. Confirmed students use their school email address to unlock Highland 2.

An easy two-step process.

1. Registering


Please visit the sign up link provided by your school. You will be prompted to provide your school’s “.edu” email address, full name and current school year.*

Next, you will select your school and program.

*Your information will not be used for any other purpose than the student license process.

2. Downloading & Unlocking

Download Highland 2

To get started download Highland 2 from the Mac App Store.

Upgrade to Pro Features

Open Highland 2 and select the Highland 2 menu option in the top left corner.

Then select Upgrade to Pro...

Select Student License

In the bottom right of the Upgrade to Highland Pro window you will find a Student License Upgrade option.

Entere your email

In the new window enter your school email address.

Use the same official school email you registered with and click Upgrade to Highland Student Edition.

You now have access to all of
Highland 2 Pro’s features.

Highland is just a cleaner, purer way to be creative. My mind is calmer and less cluttered when I use it because I can write prose so easily and jump to dialogue when that’s more intuitive. In either case, Highland’s simplicity always kept us thinking.

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Highland 2

A better way to write.
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